Out of Katmandu…

the Nepalese are some of the warmest people I’ve met. They’re easy, approachable with a kindhearted nature that reaches you the moment you’re present.

In countries I’ve travelled many of the people are taught or learn to avoid eye contact with strangers and sometimes for good reason however, even though infants everywhere are usually shy and cautious at first, the Nepalese have an uncanny sense of innate awareness and peace. They seem to understand immediately someone’s intent and whether they mean no harm. Perhaps it was just me although, I felt as soon as eyes were locked an engagement had begun and that carried over through all ages, from infants to the elderly… a promise to peer right inside you and pledge to really want to learn you.

I’ve been to many under developed places around the world and still believe that some of these nations are the happiest on the planet. This seems to ring true with Nepal as there’s an appreciation for someone or thing being introduced into their life.

Now, I don’t know about all this reincarnation and spirituality business but I do know of someones recognition for an energy that affects them, no matter how great or small, and a parting of ways on a higher level from whence one came appears to be understood.

… but still in my heart.

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